Bald Eagle Rescued After Landing on Interstate 5 in Redding

Officials received a report around 6:15 am Wednesday that a bald eagle was standing in the middle of Interstate 5 in Redding. They rushed into action and were able to save the injured bird.

Within minutes of the call, Redding CHP officers were on the scene of the bald eagle on I-5 near Knighton Road, and were quickly joined by California Fish and Wildlife and Shasta County Animal Control. They were able to move the eagle to the shoulder of the busy freeway before placing it in a cage.

The eagle is now being treated by Marily Woodhouse who said, according the Friends of the Redding Eagles, may be suffering from secondary poison. According to witnesses, the eagle’s companion was flying above when officials saved it.

Secondary poisoning occurs when the bald eagle preys on an animal that has ingested some sort of poison, typically pesticides from farmers.

Great job from everyone involved in saving this beautiful bird. Hopefully it can recover safely and swiftly.

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