Bear Cub Performs Ninja-Style Escape After Breaking Into Tahoe Home

A family of bears broke into a Tahoe home recently and had to make a great escape after volunteers with the Bear League arrived to scare them off. Bears breaking into Tahoe homes isn’t a rare occurrence, but watching a bear cub perform a ninja-style escape is!

When the people from the Bear League arrived in the home, the video starts rolling and a man can be heard yelling “you better get out of here!” That’s when the bear cub performed its great, and entertaining, escape.

See the video for yourself:

Bear break-ins have become commonplace in the Tahoe area and, much like this video, they typically end with the bears making a mad dash to safety. It’s a reminder to lock your doors, secure any trash you have and lock your cars. The bears have gotten really good at breaking and entering.

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