VIDEO: Lassen Pack Seen Running Through Field Full of Cattle in Northern California

California’s first wolf pack to return to the state in over a century, the Lassen Pack, continues to grow in Northern California with more litters bringing new pups to the region. As the size of the pack continues to grow, so have local sightings in and around Lassen County.

A recent video was shared to Facebook by Andrew Garrett showing the wolf pack in action. The video, which was presumably taken in Lassen County, shows the wolves running through a field surrounded by cattle:

The Lassen Pack lives a controversial life in rural Lassen County, which makes this video even more important. With brand-new litters of pups in recent years, the Lassen Pack has grown to approximately 20 current members. Some locals furiously debate their right to live in the region, with recent incidents of killing grazing cattle on nearby ranches stoking the flames.

The Lassen Pack is the descendant of famed OR-7, a wolf that famously traveled from Oregon into Northern California in 2011, becoming the first known wolf in the state in nearly 100 years. The pack was first confirmed in Northern California in 2017 and the alpha female has had four litter of pups with two males since.

Views of the wolf pack are rare. In 2021, local photographer Randy Robbins was able to capture the best image of the wolves to date, which earned him the award for California Wildlife Photo of the Year:

To see more photos and videos of the Lassen Pack in action, go here.

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