Behind the Stunt: Skier Backflips Over 150-Foot Road Gap in Tahoe

It was the winter of 2019 when historic snowfall blanketed the Tahoe region, allowing backcountry skiers to attempt obstacles never even considered. For professional skier Josh Daiek, he took full advantage of the opportunity.

Daiek was able to attempt a 150-foot road gap of Highway 50 near South Lake Tahoe, a stunt that may not be replicated for many years:

The video of the stunt was fantastic with Daiek performing a backflip over a moving semi-truck in the Sierra. Now, more video can show us the excitement and anxiety behind the scenes as he attempted the historic jump.

Daiek released a video on his YouTube page showing exclusive behind the scenes footage of him and his crew during the stunt. The footage includes his speed check, both of his attempts over the road gap and a run-in with local law enforcement, who did not seem happy at the stunt.

“If you guys cause an avalanche, we’re coming out here,” the California Highway Patrol officer is heard saying. “That’s not a threat, that’s a promise.

See the behind the scenes footage:

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