Fisherman Lands 36-Pound ‘Whopper’ Striped Bass on the Sacramento River

The bass fishing on the Sacramento River is rolling heavy right now with the area’s best fishing guides showing off some impressive catches. That’s exactly what we saw recently with guide Robert Petty, who helped his client land a “whopper” 36-pound striped bass.

Petty shared the catch with his social media following, highlighting another awesome day on the water:

“After a long day of casting, Dale landed a whopper of a fish! Weighing in at 36lbs, it’s safe to say this day was a success.”

This is far from the first monster catch Petty’s clients have had this season on the Sacramento River. Earlier this year, he landed a 45-pound PIG. He also had an incredible time with a father-son duo who both landed 30-pounders on the same day:

If you’re looking for a guiding trip on the Sacramento River with Robert Petty, hit him up on his Facebook page.

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