Blizzard Trapped 120 Guests for 5 Days at South Sierra Resort

It started out as a normal winter vacation for 120 guests at the Montecito Sequoia Lodge in the South Sierra Nevada last week. That is until a massive storm came through the area dumping 8 feet of snow on the access road, trapping the 120 guests of the resort.

After five days of a blizzard at the Kings Canyon National Park resort, snowplows were finally able to free the guests.

Once the brunt of the snow fell in the desolate mountain resort, snowmobilers made their way out to the lodge to make sure there was enough food and water for the guests. After they were deemed safe, the decision was made to wait out the storm.

Finally, rescuers were able to plow through 8 feet of snow over 8 miles, with 20 fallen trees across the road, to create an escape route for the guests. It was a unique winter vacation for the 120 guests.

“We became really good friends with the 120 people that were stuck there,” said Joel Keeler, one of the people stranded at the resort.

See the incident from Inside Edition:

A lot of snow fell on the Sierra Nevada this past week, with many Tahoe resorts recording up to 5 feet of snow. But it was the Southern Sierra Nevada, especially Mammoth and June Mountains, which saw the most. Both recorded up to 8 feet in just three days.

It’s been a snowy February thus far in Northern California and more is on the way. Have fun in your winter wonderland, that is, of course, if you’re a guest at Montecito Sequoia Lodge.

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