Brand-New 72-Mile Trail Will Connect Truckee and Nevada City Through Tahoe National Forest

Photo: National Forest Service

Adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts have a new reason to be excited as the U.S. Forest Service announced the commencement of the Pines to Mines Trail project later this year. Spanning 72 miles, this trail network will allow hikers, bicyclists, equestrians, and Class 1 e-bike users to traverse the Tahoe National Forest from Truckee to Nevada City.

The Pines to Mines Trail is set to integrate 50 miles of existing pathways with 22 miles of new trails, creating a continuous route from the Pioneer Trail in Nevada City to the Donner Lake Rim Trail in Truckee. Along the way, multiple trailheads will provide access to this scenic journey through remote lakes, lush meadows, and breathtaking canyons, promising a truly immersive nature experience.

“The Tahoe National Forest strives to offer diverse and accessible recreation opportunities for all ages and abilities,” said acting Tahoe National Forest Supervisor Matt Jedra. “Pines to Mines will be an asset to our region and we are happy to offer another recreation destination that not only promotes increased public access to our national forest, but also has the potential to support and grow our local economy.”  

Photo: National Forest Service

The inclusion of Class 1 e-bikes opens the trail to a broader audience, offering an opportunity for those who might find long-distance walking or traditional biking challenging to explore the forest’s beauty. The Forest Service reassures that e-bikes, which assist riders up to 20 mph when pedaling, are similar to traditional mountain bikes in terms of speed, impact, and components, based on comprehensive studies.

The trail’s construction hinges on available funding and resources and will rely on collaborations with partner groups and local land trusts to bring this ambitious project to fruition. As the Pines to Mines Trail takes shape, it promises to become a cherished route for exploring the stunning landscapes of the Tahoe National Forest and beyond. To learn more about the project, go here.

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