Breathtaking ‘Spaceship’ Clouds Surround Mount Shasta for the Show of a Lifetime

Mount Shasta has been known to have a beautiful cloud show every now and again, but this week the mountain has seen one of the best cloud-dancing performances in a long time.

Locals and visitors alike were greeted with a show for the ages on the mountain during the beginning days of March, with dozens of lenticular clouds filling the air and majestically convening on the mountain. It looked as if little spaceships all joined together to create one massive spacecraft over the mountain. No wonder people think aliens live inside Mt. Shasta.

Flying saucerlike apparitions are no stranger to the skies over Shasta. The lenticular clouds form when comparatively moist air rides up a mountaintop, forced into a cooler layer of air above. For cloud chasers, Shasta has become one of the top places on the planet to see these unusual-looking clouds.

Here are the best photos from this week’s once-in-a-lifetime lenticular cloud show over Mount Shasta:

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