Bucks Lake Lodge Collapses Under Heavy Snowpack

The owners of Bucks Lake Lodge, located on Bucks Lake in Plumas County, are facing a difficult time after the lodge collapsed under heavy snow on March 19, 2023. In response, a group of friends have created a Go Fund Me account to help owners Louis Gutierrez and Rebecca Jo Baugh Guereque, who were out of town at a funeral when the collapse happened.

Louis and Rebecca have owned the lodge and motel for over 16 years, and have previously faced adversity when the lodge was destroyed by a fire in 2010. However, they rebuilt in 2013 with plans that were designed by an engineering company in Susanville, and the structure passed all building codes and inspections. The snow load was engineered at 1.5 times what is required at Bucks Lake.

Unfortunately, while Louis and Rebecca were away, their plans to have friends shovel the roof were unable to be carried out in time. As a result, the roof collapsed, causing major damage. It is currently unclear if any part of the structure can be saved. While the owners had insurance with California Fair Fire Insurance, it only covered the motel, not the lodge. The insurance policy was $40,000 per year with a $100,000 deductible.

The owners had been in the process of selling the lodge, but now that has been put on hold due to the recent events. The Go Fund Me campaign aims to raise funds to help the owners with the significant costs they are facing, and to support them during this difficult time. The organizers also highlight the many contributions that Louis and Rebecca have made to the community throughout their time as lodge owners.

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