California Untamed: Watch a NorCal Man Run 330-Miles from Arcata to Mount Shasta

Ryan Spitz is no ordinary man.

Spitz decided he wanted to create a race from two iconic Northern California locations – Arcata and Mount Shasta – but wasn’t sure it was possible. So he took it upon himself to accomplish the task, running 330-miles over 6 days through some of the most remote wilderness in California.

On the 330-mile trek, Spitz had a film crew follow along to document the trials and tribulations of the epic journey, one that was full of smiles, hard work and pain. They have released the film to the public, and it’s incredible.

One of the most telling scenes of the film is when he emerges from his tent in the early morning. As an elite athlete, he can barely stand up, but he treks on to finish the long journey across the Northern California wilderness and complete his journey. And now California Untamed will become the longest point to point endurance event in the U.S.

Watch the video above to see the full documentary of Spitz’s journey. And to learn more about the epic trail run taking place on July 17, 2020, go to

Active NorCal

Telling the Stories of Northern California


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