Mr. T-Shirt the 400-Pound Bear Rescued from a Dumpster in King’s Beach

Mr. T-Shirt has become a bit of a celebrity in the Tahoe town of King’s Beach. Known for the white patch on his chest (hence, Mr. T-Shirt), he is VERY big and has constant run-ins with local law enforcement.

Early Monday morning, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office had another run-in with the troublesome bear, finding the massive black bear stuck in a dumpster. The sheriff’s office posted a video to social media showing them rescuing him from the dumpster:

“Yep, that’s T-Shirt,” you can hear a sheriff’s deputy say when the bear climbed over the top of the dumpster, revealing his white patch.

In July of this year, Mr. T-Shirt was seen lounging in King’s Beach in the middle of the day, prompting sheriff’s deputies to scare him off due to the large crowd of tourists taking pictures.

“He is normally a docile bear, but chances were pretty good he could have become agitated and attacked,” the sheriff’s department wrote on social media. “Yes, bears are cute and fluffy, but they have INSTINCTS. You know the saying ‘don’t poke the bear’.”

Great work, Placer County Sheriffs! And to you, Mr. T-Shirt… Try to stay out of trouble!

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