Caught on Camera: Wild Animals are Returning to Whiskeytown Following Carr Fire

The Carr Fire had many ill effects on the human community of Shasta County, burning over 1,600 structures, claiming seven lives and torching 230,000 acres on its way to becoming the sixth largest fire in California’s history.

But a less thought of population hit by the catastrophic fire was the wildlife of Whiskeytown National Recreation Area. The fire burned 90 percent of the beautiful recreation area surrounding Whiskeytown Lake and forced the animals to flee from their homes to avoid the deadly flames.

Now, as the spring season brings regrown plants and trees to the park, the wild animals are beginning to return to the area.

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area posted photos of animals caught on camera in one of the more severely burned areas of the park. Here are the recent photos of a bear, buck, coyote and mountain lion in the park:

“While smaller animals are able to escape wildfires relatively easily – small mammals and reptiles retreat into burrows, birds fly away, amphibians and fish have the safety of water,” Whiskeytown NRA wrote in the post. “Larger wildlife has to flee the fire to safer grounds, and trickle back in once the fire is gone. Deer were seen grazing on the fresh regrowth throughout the park in late summer and through the fall, bear prints were seen at Brandy Creek where they sought out kokanee salmon, and Pacific fishers were back in the park walking their turf as well.”

This is great news as we continue to heal from the devastating fire. We can’t wait to enjoy the park in full once again!

Here is the full post from Whiskeytown NRA:

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