CBS Action Drama ‘Fire Country’ is Based on NorCal Wildfires. CalFire Isn’t Too Happy About It.

A brand-new hit action drama on CBS is making waves as it dramatizes the lives of firefighters on the front line of wildfires in California. Not everyone isn’t too happy about it.

‘Fire Country’ explores the lives of the people battling the devastating fires of California, specifically through the lens of inmate firefighters. The series includes plenty of views of NorCal (although it’s mostly being filmed in Vancouver), with the fictional town of ‘Edgewater’ serving as a replacement for the Sonoma town of Occidental. B-roll footage of the town was filmed in Humboldt’s Rio Dell.

‘Fire Country’ looks interesting for anyone who follows wildfires in California, described as “a soap opera with pyrotechnics” by the LA Times. But CalFire is not too happy with how the show portrays the agency.

“This television series is a misrepresentation of the professional all-hazards fire department and resource protection agency that Cal Fire is,” CalFire Director Joe Tyler wrote in an email.

The series was created by and starring “SEAL Team” star Max Thieriot and is based on his experiences growing up in Northern California. Thieriot’s hometown of Sebastopol was nearly burned by the Tubbs Fire, which destroyed 5,643 structures in 2017.

Brand-new episodes can be seen on CBS on Fridays at 9 pm. The episodes are also available on Paramount+. See the trailer:

Active NorCal

Telling the Stories of Northern California

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  1. We watched the first two episodes and came to the conclusion those were two hours we could never get back. Extremely lame series.

    It just fits with the vast majority of the shows that are on.

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