Check Out this 30+ Pound King Salmon Landed on the Sacramento River

The salmon runs are going crazy in Northern California right now, and there’s no better place to land a king salmon than on the Sacramento River. Fishing guides have been boasting massive catches for the past six weeks, and a recent catch from a local guide shows just how big these suckers can get.

Fishing guide Mike Rasmussen is at it again, this time helping his client land a 30+ pound salmon on the Sacramento River near Red Bluff. He showed the fish, along with his happy clients, on his Instagram page:

While Rasmussen wasn’t able to get an accurate weight, he said it was over 30 pounds, probably around 33 to 34 pounds. The king salmon was hooked on a kwikfish. Here’s a video of them landing the beast:

The Salmon Sac River crew is no stranger to landing big salmon on the Sacramento River. Here are a few of his trophy catches over the current season:

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