Convict Lake Looks Incredible After Snowstorms Blanketed the Region with Snow

Following a series of storms that buried the Sierra with multiple feet of snow over the past two weeks, the clouds parted to an incredible scene in the Eastern Sierra. With the high-elevation region covered in snow, Convict Lake looked like a destination in a Hollywood movie.

Nestled in a box canyon at an elevation of 7,583 feet in the Sierra Nevada, Convict Lake is a few miles off Scenic Highway 395, south of Mammoth Lakes. It was named after a group of convicts that escaped from prison and camped at the lake in 1871.

Today, Convict Lake stands as one of the most picturesque destinations in California, with its campsites nearly impossible to get a reservation. After a snowstorm, like the ones we witnessed recently, it becomes a winter escape like no other.

Recently, Instagram user @enchantedbylife83 captured these photos/images of the stunning lake in its winter embrace (the first three images in the carousel):

It’s so great to be able to see these great destinations covered in snow. Here’s to another beautiful winter in California!

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