Coyote Seen Lounging on San Francisco Rooftop

The coyote sightings are increasing in San Francisco as residents of the otherwise wildlife-free city remain mostly inside due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve seen coyotes roaming the streets, howling in intersections and enjoying views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Now, we may have the most brazen sighting of any coyote in San Francisco, with one lounging on the roof of a house.

A photo was taken from Robert Mann showing a coyote on a rooftop in the Monterey Heights neighborhood, a symbol of the coyote takeover of the city during the shelter-in-place mandate:

Photo: Robert Mann

Mann also took a video of the coyote brazenly frolicking in the yard of the house:

The increased coyote activity in the Bay Area during the Coronavirus quarantine has been documented heavily on social media, showing how wildlife is reclaiming the areas it once roamed freely before human development. The empty streets of San Francisco have seen plenty of wildlife sightings recently, including a video of coyotes howling in the empty streets of the North Beach neighborhood.

Recently, the perfect image emerged online, accompanied by equally beautiful videos, that show a coyote enjoying an empty Kirby Beach below the Golden Gate Bridge and enjoying the calm noises of the San Francisco Bay. The visual evidence of the increased coyote activity was just one more example of how decreased human activity has given more space to the wildlife of Northern California.

While the spike in coyote sightings is unusual, it’s far from the first time coyotes have been spotted in the area. The were frequently seen around San Francisco in the mid-1900’s, but land owners used poison to scare them off for good. In 2002, a coyote was seen in the city for the first time in decades when someone spotted one in the Presidio. People speculate it traveled over the Golden Gate Bridge from Marin County to enter the city.

Today, the beautiful wildlife is getting a break from the typical pressure of human activity, and it’s a wonderful sight to see.

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