Shocking Video Shows Coyotes Howling on the Empty Streets of San Francisco

As the streets of San Francisco remain relatively empty due to California’s Coronavirus and subsequent shelter-in-place mandate, coyotes have made their way into the usually bustling streets. We recently reported on the uptick in coyotes sightings in the city, but a new video emerged showing just how crazy it’s getting.

A Twitter user posted a video with coyotes howling in the North Beach neighborhood, typically crowded with people in the restaurants and bars of the area:

The video shows just how much coyote activity has increased since the stay-in mandate took place. The recent spike in coyote activity in San Francisco has come as quite the surprise since the animals have been very rarely seen in the area over the past century.

Here are some photos of the coyote activity in the city recently:

While the spike in coyote sightings is unusual, it’s far from the first time coyotes have been spotted in the area. The were frequently seen around San Francisco in the mid-1900’s, but land owners used poison to scare them off for good. In 2002, a coyote was seen in the city for the first time in decades when someone spotted one in the Presidio. People speculate it traveled over the Golden Gate Bridge from Marin County to enter the city.

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