The Final Supermoon of 2020 Will Peak Over NorCal Tonight

Photo by Mike Petrucci 

Another super moon will appear over the night sky tonight. Sadly, it will be the last one of 2020.

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May’s full moon is known as the Flower Moon and it will be the culmination of three consecutive supermoons during the spring months. April’s “Super Pink Moon” was the biggest and brightest of 2020, but the Flower Moon will hold its own as one of the best full moon’s of the year.

The night sky should be clear to see the celestial event as Northern California residents remain home due to the shelter-in-place mandate from the Coronavirus pandemic. This will give you a reason to go outside of your house and marvel at the big, bright moon, as long as your practicing social distance.

A “Supermoon” occurs when when the moon is within 90% of pedigree, or the closest to earth in its orbit. May’s rendition is named the “Flower Moon,” due to the Native American tradition of naming each full moon of the year, although different tribes attributed different names to each moon.

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