Coyotes Are Taking Over the Empty Streets of San Francisco

The Coronavirus outbreak and California’s subsequent “shelter-in-place” mandate have left the typically bustling streets of San Francisco empty. As people stay inside to help curb the spread of the virus, wildlife is beginning to enjoy the unusually quiet streets of the city.

Coyotes sightings have spiked in recent days while the typically busy streets of San Francisco have slowed to a relative halt. Residents lucky enough to get out of their homes for a glimpse of sunlight have shared their experiences of coyote sightings on the empty streets:

While the spike in coyote sightings is unusual, it’s far from the first time coyotes have been spotted in the area. The were frequently seen around San Francisco in the mid-1900’s, but land owners used poison to scare them off for good. In 2002, a coyote was seen in the city for the first time in decades when someone spotted one in the Presidio. People speculate it traveled over the Golden Gate Bridge from Marin County to enter the coyt.

Now, coyotes are taking over the land that they once roamed freely. With a longer quarantine ahead, will we see more coyotes in San Francisco in the coming months?

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  1. They are not ‘taking over.’ They have always been there. They are just good at sneaking around to where people don’t notice because people are so distracted by all the other people noise.

  2. My daughter is an ICU RN and is now caring for a young girl who was attacked while walking with her Mom and older brother. There was a pack of coyotes observing and waiting! Be cautious! 🙁

  3. They’ve always been here in the Presidio. I’ve seen them many times and normally never bother humans.

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