Deer Freed from Entangled Hammock After Six Months Wandering Around Sacramento

Reports of a buck with an interesting hairdo wandering around Sacramento have been circulating for the past 6 months. Finally, California Fish and Wildlife officials were able to free the deer from its dangerous and probably uncomfortable hair piece.

Residents of the Fair Oaks area had been feeding deer in the back yards when one became much too comfortable. Somehow, it got its antlers tangled in a hammock and it took 6 months to get the animal freed from the entanglement.

After reports of the buck in the area in late December, wildlife officials rushed to the area and were able to tranquilize the animal with a dart. The hammock was removed and the buck’s antlers were cut off prior to release to reduce any temptation by poachers to kill it. Its antlers will grow back in the spring.

“Deer feeding is illegal precisely for this reason,” said the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. “It also unnaturally congregates deer, which can spread disease among deer and attract predators such as mountain lions.”

It was a happy ending for this deer and a lesson for residents to resist the urge to feed them.

“This unfortunate entanglement is an example of what can happen when deer are lured too close to homes and backyards by residents who feed them,” said CDFW. “We would like to remind everyone who wants to help protect wildlife to please not feed wild animals.”

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