Storm Chaser Captures Incredible Video of Tornado in Tehama County

As the storm rolled into the mountains of Northern California on Monday, windy conditions were prevalent throughout the valley. One area in particular experienced unusual weather when residents saw not one, but two tornadoes in separate regions of Tehama County.

The first tornado was reported just east of Corning around 1:30 pm, leaving damage in its wake. Trees, power lines and a barn were damaged by the twister as it grew over a rural area. Around 5,000 residents lost power due to the storm.

Video captured by a storm chaser shows incredible footage of the tornado as it moved across the fields near Corning:

Just an hour later, around 2:40 pm, another tornado touched down in nearby Vina, a small community west of Corning. No photos or videos have surfaced but the twister was confirmed by the National Weather Service.

Tornadoes are rare in California but not entirely uncommon. The National Weather Service tweeted about the incident with some context.

“With 2 tornadoes reported in the area today, you might wonder about the average number of tornadoes per year. In the NWS Sacramento forecast area there were 39 tornadoes reported from 2010-2020. This works out to about 4 tornadoes a year,” the weather service said.

The most memorable recent tornado incident occurred near Davis in 2019, when video surfaced of an intense twister by a passerby:

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