Dixie Fire Restoration Project Closes 3-Mile Section of the Lake Almanor Recreation Trail

In a significant step towards forest management and safety improvement, the Lassen National Forest has initiated the next phase of its timber removal project near Lake Almanor West, located on the west shore of Lake Almanor. The project, which commenced on September 13, 2023, and is expected to run until approximately October 31, 2023, aims to enhance safety and reduce fire hazards in the area.

One consequence of this project will be a temporary closure of a 3-mile segment of the Lake Almanor Recreation Trail in the vicinity.

Visitors and trail users should be aware that access to the bicycle trail will be affected during the hours of machine operations, which are scheduled from 5:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Noise levels are also expected to vary with weather conditions, especially as conditions become hotter and drier.

For those planning to travel in the vicinity, it is recommended to exercise caution as increased vehicle traffic and the presence of heavy equipment for timber cutting, processing, and decking will be in operation. Visitors seeking access to the Lake Almanor Recreation Trail during this time are advised to do so via the USFS Dyer View or PG&E Rocky Point trailheads.

The removal of fire-killed timber in this area is essential to mitigate safety concerns caused by hazard trees and deep-root holes. This effort not only safeguards the well-being of visitors but also reduces future fuel loadings. Russell Nickerson, District Ranger of the Almanor Ranger District, emphasized the significance of this project, stating, “This project is the first step to restoring recreation opportunities on the Almanor Ranger District. As we continue our reforestation efforts, future operations will include planting trees and repairing facilities in the area.”

For any additional inquiries regarding this ongoing project, the Almanor Ranger District office can be reached at 530-258-2141.

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