What Was It? Unusual String of Lights Seen in the Night Sky Over Northern California

On Saturday night, residents across Northern California were treated to an extraordinary celestial display as they gazed up at an uncommon phenomenon in the night sky: a string of lights moving in perfect unison.

These luminous streaks were none other than the Starlink Satellite train, a rare spectacle that occurs when Starlink launches a coordinated cluster of satellites into space. It’s likely that the particular line of satellites observed over Northern California likely originated from SpaceX’s Thursday launch in Cape Canaveral.

Starlink, an initiative spearheaded by billionaire Elon Musk’s SpaceX company, has strategically positioned over 4,000 satellites throughout Earth’s atmosphere. The primary objective of this ambitious endeavor is to provide global internet connectivity, particularly to remote and underserved regions.

Over the years, this captivating procession of lights has captivated viewers all across the United States, gracing the night skies from South Carolina to Portland, and from Michigan to the Golden State.

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