Don’t Be Alarmed. This Photo of Mount Shasta Isn’t What it Looks Like.

The clouds of Mount Shasta are world-famous for their unique lenticular formations and intense beauty. In fact, these clouds have fueled theories of aliens and Lemurians living inside the mountain. So when an oddly shaped cloud appeared over Shasta recently, it gave the impression that the active volcano was, well, ALIVE!

Kathy Howard took this photo on February 22, showing a cloud hovering over the mountain in a weird way. Frankly, it looked like a volcanic eruption:

Photo by Kathy Howard

Of course, any volcanic activity on the mountain would be heavily reported throughout Northern California, as geologists have sure-fire ways to predict eruptions. But since Lassen Peak’s violent eruption just over 100 years ago, we are understandably always on our toes.

The record of eruptions over the last 10,000 years suggests that, on average, at least one eruption occurs every 800 to 600 years at Mt. Shasta. Some believe that the last eruption of the volcano was a little over 200 years ago, but that has never been validated.

Luckily, we won’t have to worry about the Shasta erupting today, and probably not anytime soon.

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