What’s a Lemurian and Why Do People Believe They Live in Mount Shasta?

By Zach O’Brien

We like to hypothesize about the paranormal activity surrounding Mt. Shasta. From Bigfoot sightings to alien activity, there is no doubt that the mysteries surrounding the beautiful Shasta are intriguing.

The most popular of these theories surrounding Shasta are regarding Lemurians living in the mountain. I’ve heard of these stories most of my life but mostly thrown them to the side as hogwash. But as I grow older, my curiosity lies within the spirit of the theory – why do many people believe this far fetched tale? I decided to dive deep into a full investigation – Are Lemurians living in Mt. Shasta?

History of Lemuria

So, first and foremost, what exactly is a Lemurian?

In 1864, zoologist Philip Sclater published an article about a classification of species called lemurs in which he was puzzled by the presence of their fossils in both Madagascar and India but not in Africa or the Middle East. He hypothesized that Madagascar and India had once been a part of a larger continent, which was the first theory leading to the discovery of the ancient supercontinent Pangea.

Following this scientific discovery, the concept of Lemuria began to appear in the works of other scholars. Ernst Haeckel looked for the “missing link” in this area, proposing that the fossils of the first humans sunk under the sea. But some propose the lost land went somewhere else.

Fast forward to 1899, when Frederick Spencer Oliver published A Dweller on Two Planets, a book which claimed that survivors from a sunken continent called Lemuria were living in Mount Shasta. In the book, Lemurians lived in a series of complex tunnels beneath the mountain. Locals would sometimes see the creatures wandering outside the mountain in white robes.

Then in 1931, Harvey Spencer Lewis, using the pseudonym Wisar Spenle Cerve, wrote a book about the hidden Lemurians of Mount Shasta. This book is widely regarded as the reason for the popularity for the legends of Lemurians in Mt. Shasta.

“Witness Accounts”

There have been many accounts of run-ins with Lemurians or other mysterious beings on the Mt. Shasta, none of which have been substantiated. The two early witness accounts created the large movement in the belief of Lemuria.

In 1904, British prospector JC Brown claimed to find an underground city 11-miles deep in the mountain, full of gold, shields and mummies, some of which were 10-feet-tall. When he told his story to others, the group compiled an 80-person team to explore the mountain for the underground city, but on the day the team was to set out, JC Brown disappeared.

In the early 1930’s, Guy Ballard reported to meet Saint Germain (not clear if he is of Lemurian descent) on the mountain, which led to the founding of the “I AM” Movement, which led to over a million followers in the late 1930’s until Ballards death.

The belief in Lemuria in Mt. Shasta and subsequent “witness accounts” have been incorporated into numerous occult religions, including “I AM” Activity, The Summit Lighthouse, Church Universal and Triumphant, and Kryon.

All of these “witness accounts” seemed to happen right after the different published books detailing Lemuria in Mt. Shasta were released…

Modern Day Lemuria Beliefs

There are still many people that hang around Mt. Shasta with beliefs of Lemuria. According to The Lemurian Connection, the history of Lemuria goes back to 4,500,000 BC, when the civilization ruled the earth. The continent of Lemuria was located in the Pacific Ocean and extended from western United States and Canada to lands in the Indian Ocean and Madagascar.

Then 25,000 years ago, Atlantis and Lemuria were the two most highly civilized civilizations on earth. That’s when things went south. Here is the explanation from lemurianconnection.com:

Dissension between the two (Atlantis and Lemuria) arose regarding the development and evolution of other civilizations. The Lemurians believed that the other less evolved cultures should be left alone to continue their own evolution at their own pace according to their own understandings and pathway, whereas the Atlanteans believed that less evolved cultures should be controlled by the two more evolved civilizations. Their argument over ideologies resulted in several thermonuclear wars which weakened both continental plates.  When the wars were over and the dust had settled, there were no winners, only death, destruction and further debasing of the human spirit to the point that both side realized the futility of such behavior.

So the Lemurians decided to build a separate society inside Mt. Shasta, where they would be safe from any disruptions on the surface of the earth. The city of Telos was built inside Mt. Shasta and was designed to house 200,000 Lemurians. Today, it is believed that Telos houses 1.5 millions Lemurians inside Mt. Shasta

Modern day beliefs say that Lemuria can be felt and contacted through spiritual practices. The Lemurians were a highly evolved spiritual race, so they can be contacted through spiritual messages from believers.

It is also believed that the Lemurians use crystals as communication tools. Modern-day believers say the the Lemurians programmed these crystals to teach their messages of oneness and healing. Crystals are revered by modern-day Lemurian believers.

The physical appearance of Lemurians has been debated for years. Some believe Lemurians looks like highly-evolved humans (like the description of Saint Germain) while others believe they have more animalistic qualities. Although it is a universally believed they are much taller beings than us surface dwellers.

Today, many people flock to Mt. Shasta in search for Lemurians and the spiritual enlightenment of Mt. Shasta.

Final Thoughts

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for this kind of thing. Stories of advanced, ancient societies living inside our beloved mountain is a cool idea to think about. Being a sci-fi enthusiast, I would certainly watch a movie with that plot.

It’s hard to argue that Mt. Shasta has an unexplainable aura to it. I have been around the Mt. Shasta my entire life and I still get a fuzzy feeling driving up to the mountain. Its energy is palpable, making it no mystery that people believe there’s something happening deeper below the surface.

As I read the story, it seems that this theory of Lemuria inside Mt. Shasta started with a science fiction book in the late 1800’s. From there, people ran with stories of sightings and encounters, none of which were substantiated (i.e. Did JC Brown disappear from the search party because he feared his lie would be found? Probably.).

While it’s interesting to hear the story of the lemur classification, leading scientists to the eventual Pangea theory (it’s a widely accepted now), I think some science fiction writers used it to sell books, leading to this craze of Lemurian beliefs.

In the end, it’s easy to admit there is something different about Mt. Shasta. But without any sort of evidence, relying on only accounts from suspect witnesses, cooky cults and science fiction writers, I think the land of Lemuria is one that lives in our minds, and not in the deep tunnels of Mt. Shasta.

That being said, if you believe in Lemurians, no judgment here. It’s these type of mysteries that make our world fun and exciting.

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  1. I believe there is both fact and fiction involved in the Lemurians. Who are we to confer or debunk their history and existence. I for one would love to find the truth but I’m not a billionaire to fund it.

    1. I do believe there are people who escaped some natural disaster or from warring another tribe who moved deep into those mountains. Not just Mt Shasta but in many mountainous or desert lands and stayed there. Of course they are different from us. I’d say the degree of different would depend on the time era they originated from. Of course they are excellent at living on the lavender and would kill it maybe enslave anyone who they thought would be a threat or would reveal them to the outside world. I say stay away from those areas. Live and let live. We may have to make a decision some day to live in seclusion due to a disaster or God forbid we get invaded by China or Russia.

  2. Why do they always depict advanced ancient civilizations as “ white “ true advanced humans where brown/black. Caucasins/Asians are mutated abominations.

    1. Like the Nazis stealing trying to steal the swastika, it seems like a weird compensation method to balance the fact that there’s no ancient northern European civilization or cities. The nordics/germanics are the origin of the term “barbarian”, which was given by the romans to the uncivilized areas of north Europe. Trying to paint people of ancient civilizations or “advanced races” with northern european features is like an inferiority complex.

      1. he is not races he is just stating facts if you knew that i bet you wouldnt call yourself racist

      2. So true. In anything where offense is found healing is needed. Of what importance is color? When true love is the bulls eye. Great peace and comfort as we continue our journeys to remember💞

      3. He’s not wrong lumerians supposedly existed 4 million years ago during that time the “white” pigmentation didn’t exist and neither did blue eyes. because lumerians where located between africa india and north america they were definitely not what we call white today

    2. Probably because blacks still think they are the most advanced while having the lowest median iq, sellign each other off into slavery, blaming everyone but themselves for it, and continuing the cycle of professional victimhood at the intelligence level of that of a monkey

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      1. How sad but obviously true..
        A gorilla has been trained to speak nearly 10000 words by sign language, quite a bit more then your garden variety African.

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      1. Amen!!! People have to have a scapegoat or point to someone else as the reason for their own unhappiness, failures, shortcomings or whatever they don’t like about themselves.

    4. The aztecs did and when the spanish came to the region it was easy for them to conquer the region thinking they were dealing with gods. There was a legend between the aztecs that one they white people will come to the region.when they discovered how fucked up the whites were it was way too late

    5. Your race does not make you a true advanced human it’s about your intellect you can be a white and be super smart or super dumb you can be black and be super smart or super dumb like intelligence isn’t based of race. I would like to say that the image is just an image they didn’t do it with any intent to make a race stand out it doesn’t matter no one really even knows what they would look like it’s about the belief in wether they are there or not this isn’t even suppose to be about race.

  3. There is definitely strange and often terrible things going on around certain Mountains. Shasta being one that is the location of strange disappearances. Missing411 hits on it alot though Dave Paulidis doesn’t give theories, something is definitely amiss.

    1. If I had the means is light to fly a bunch of drones with night vision through all the tunnels mapping them and checking things out. I’d pay to watch a documentary like that kind of like on expedition bigfoot or the skinwalker ranch show.

  4. I don’t understand why those of you who are using ugly, hurtful words to attack caucasians? I don’t share any of the views about caucasians being advanced or the image used. However, it’s very hypocritical of you to attack the whole caucasian demographic.
    We’re all people. We’re in this world together. What good comes from attacking beings that under the skin are the same?
    It saddens me deeply.

    1. Angie, That kind of rhetoric is caused by hate and extreme anger- the same thing that civil rights leaders fought against for years, but its now being levied against whites who usually had nothing to do with past transgressions or the less frequent current transgressions. There are people filled with hatred in all walks of life looking to spew on others, sadly. Don’t let it get to you. Focus on the beauty that is still left in life, such as this wonderful mountain that has spun myths and mysteries.

  5. Additionally, I may be called an abomination. However, that speaks volumes about how “advanced ” YOU ARE….NOT your whole demographic whatever that is. When you take hate out of the equation, remember I’m uncivilized and apparently an abomination, but I would think if I lived inside of a mountain with no sunlight…that could result in the change of skin color….that’s the only difference…Good grief

  6. I’m Caucasian but I’m embarrassed by our ethnocentrism. I once had a vision and I heard the name “Solomon”. The vision was this: a very large, tall (7-8 ft) man – he appeared as a type of warrior, or pharaoh, or captain of sorts, and his skin was bronzed by the sun (not Caucasian, not black), and he was raising his arm. As he did so, herds of animals were moving forward at his command, in a midst of rolling red clouds. A song was being sung/chanted which said “who with the hurricane tempest brings the storm”. And it appeared like a vision of animals moving to get on an ark. (This was just a few weeks ago.)
    I also heard a voice one night which said to me “it’s easy to forget with this much power” – it was loud and clear with beautiful harmonious music in the background.
    I picked up my Bible the next day, and the passage I turned to said “That your trust may be in the Lord, I make known to you the words of Amen-em-Ope.” (Proverbs 22:19 – an ancient Egyptian scribe/sage!)

    I’ve had many “supernatural” happenings the past few years and as I’ve traveled the country, picking up different vibes, I’ve found there are definitely various spiritual realms (unfortunately, many are quite negative as the currently reigning powers and principalities all seem to be “Caucasian”). Reading Scripture along with these happenings is the best way to help discern the truth from fables (such as about Lemurians, etc…) and right now we are being fed a mountain of lies (through the media, etc…).

    While I too, (used to) enjoy/appreciate these types of fables….I’m finding the Bible will take you far beyond anything man can invent. Right now, the leaders of Israel are being struck on the cheek, only Judah is left….and the country at large is entirely unaware. As in the days of Noah, so will it be at the coming of the Son of Man. And he just might be an entirely different race/appearance than what we have imagined. (This is where the rational for creating photographs/images of people was once taboo, and still might be to some this day – and for good reason.)

    1. The bible is a book written by MAN (invented by man) and is based upon other religions and beliefs and was used to create a following to keep sheep like you in the flock and under control. There is no heaven, there is no hell, THERE IS NO GOD!! I mean really, I never could understand how people could be so simple as to believe that there is some all powerful being that sees everything and cares what you do. If there was a “creator”, what is to say that it was not just an unintentional consequence of something like a piece of food falling under the fridge and growing mold and the “creator” is actually disgusted with the mere fact that we exist at all.

  7. Newsflash for the bigots trolling the comments:. It’s a hippy new-age fantasy concocted by white people on LSD. White gods are white-looking. Chinese gods are Asian-looking. African Gods would presumably be black in appearance. If you’re a Mayan then your god is a flippin’ bird. Everybody get a grip and a life.

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      All civilizations were made by caucasian and mongoloid peoples included those of ancient north and south america since their DNA is a mixture of mongoloid and caucasian DNA. Just because northern Europeans emerged a little later in game doesnt take away anything from our current success. You try living in nearly inhospitable winters for much of the year, it kills out the low IQ individuals who couldnt plan ahead which is why all the inventions in the world come from the little triangle of land.

      At the top of this triangle is sweden, going down to england and southern france going across the bottom of the triangle to southwest Germany back top through Denmark and back top Sweden. Thank these few northern caucasians for literally every thing you take for granted. The computer you are on, the internet you are on, the electricity you are using, in a home warmed or cooled by HVAC, and the every mordern luxury you have.

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        that’s why most city’s have a Spanish Name Los Angeles English Translation( the city of Angels)
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        Your comment about Hispanics or Blacks to go back to Black and Brown countries
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  8. its funny how these black people like to take credit for civilizations in northern africa while themselves derive from the sub-saharan part of the continent separated by 1000s if miles of inhospitable desert. The modern day people of which are yet to enter the stone age and never discovered the wheel before northern Europeans brought civilizations to central and south africa which have since nearly evaporated since decolonization.

    We have 4 races. caucasian, negroid, asian(mongoloid), and austrialiod. ancient Egyptians were and still are dark complected caucasians. The people of north africa and the middle east are caucasian due to their skull shape.

    All civilizations were made by caucasian and mongoloid peoples included those of ancient north and south america since their DNA is a mixture of mongoloid and caucasian DNA. Just because northern Europeans emerged a little later in game doesnt take away anything from our current success. You try living in nearly inhospitable winters for much of the year, it kills out the low IQ individuals who couldnt plan ahead which is why all the inventions in the world come from the little triangle of land.

    At the top of this triangle is sweden, going down to england and southern france going across the bottom of the triangle to southwest Germany back top through Denmark and back top Sweden. Thank these few northern caucasians for literally every thing you take for granted. The computer you are on, the internet you are on, the electricity you are using, in a home warmed or cooled by HVAC, and the every mordern luxury you have.

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    1. I don’t know where to start. For one thing, the 4 races theory you are preaching is about a century out of date and has been disproven numerous times by modern anthropology and the idea originally stems from what was basically pseudo-science. Same with the skull science you are mentioning which is called phrenology.

      To say sub-Saharan Africa, which you say most African Americans come from had no civilization is objectively wrong. There were the kingdoms of Mali, the Songhais from the same region, Great Zimbabwe, the Kingdom of Aksum, etc. Even today, the group with the highest percentage of college graduates is African immigrants.

      I could easily credit all modern advancements to technological advancements made by the Chinese and Indians, for example India’s math concepts and China’s development of gunpower and the printing press. I could make the same statement you are saying everything we have today could be accredited to these people. It is a dumbass idea to credit any one people for such a vast field of creations when these things are built upon hundred of thousands of ideas that come before them from different people.

      If you are trying to say Europe, a continent basically devoid of large predator animals aside from wolves, is more difficult to live in you are a complete dumbass. Jungle environments like that of the Congo that make of much of sub-Saharan Africa are exceedingly more difficult to navigate let alone set up infrastructure. Along with no viable beasts of burden from the animals having fear from millions of years of experience being hunted by humans. Also diseases such as malaria.

      You seem to be more interested in peddling outdated bullshit though with no scientific backing behind. Ignoring centuries long structural instability and various other elements and citing inherent superiority. If I go by your logic I can use examples of whites to make them seem like they are born criminals. Such as various shooting such as Dylan Roof shooting up a church, the Christchurch shooter in New Zealand, the Columbine kids, Jeffery Epstein’s widespread human trafficking and the rest of Hollywood people’s sex crimes, the Las Vegas shooter, etc. But I have the sense to know these actions are the actions of individuals not the whole race. I could compare them to some other group of people and talk about how they are inferior on this basis. Or I could go further back in time to get a false historical basis and cite Leopold of Belgium who had children’s hands cut off and murdered in front of their parents. I could also talk about how you are basing western Europeans superiority based off of their accomplishments in relatively short period of time from relatively recent times. If we were to go back to the dark ages, or even during the height of the Roman empire, the most advanced civilization would be the Chinese. At the time, they were the ones who invented “everything” but just because they had a period of dominance does not make them the “best race”. Even if you look at modern times, a large amount of advancements in quantum computing, genetics, ai, fusion reactors, computers, can be accredited to nonwhites.

      There is no superior or inferior to people because whatever is better or worse depends on the person you ask. There is no objective better or worse trait so it is impossible to measure superiority. A short skinny body type would be superior in certain environments such as those with low amounts of food. A tall strong guy would suffer in the type of an environment that the short skinny guy would flourish in but that would not make the short skinny guy wholly superior to the other one. There is no superior person to another. This measurement only exists within the categories that you created yourself.

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  9. Hi Ben Toliver, Spot on; Just a small comment sir: Have a look at Micheal Telenger author of ‘ slave species of the gods; you may find it quite interesting:

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    1. I think everyone on this subject is missing some big points, but Ben, distasteful as his language is, is closest to the truth.

      Lets all be honest with ourselves. We did not earn out genetic inheritance. Whether you are a certified genius, Olympian and remarkable in some way we have a history of telling ourselves, AGAINST scientific findings that we ‘earn’ our achievements. This is only true to a degree.

      We were all born with a genetic mix and inherit different attributes based on this. The Twins Separation study performed by Hoffman and Oppenheim clearly showed that humans have a extremely high tendency to follow a path in life defined by our genetics and NOT by nurture. The similarity of twins lives as lives were staggering, down to the names and attributes of partners, names of children, models, makes and colours of cars. What this study showed was that we are just playing out a script and we are barely aware of the subtle strings being pulled.

      When we dream about ‘working hard to achieve greatness’ what we are really doing is enabling our full potential, yet even they our genetics predispose us towards achievement and laziness.

      With this in mind, we need to consider races, racism and ‘racial price’. It’s all hogwash. Here is the reality that science has shown us:

      * Races are difficult to define. Species are defined by the breeding boundary. We share a high degree of genetic similarity with chips, but cannot breed with them. Therefor, different species. It;s not so simple for races. We can only classify based on rough measure and appearance. Two species of dog can breed, a poodle and a spaniel make a Spoodle. All three look different and to a diminishing degree ARE different. We all agree that an German Shepard and Poodle are not ‘the same’.

      * Races are different. With that said, humans are extremely close genetically speaking, much morose than dogs. We however have big brains are are really good and spotting differences. From an evolutionary competition point of view, if an individual can increase survival chances, then it’s already baked in. Racism therefor exists because being able to distinguish ‘our group’ from ‘your group’ helps the survival for kin that share portions of your generic code. Read more about this in ‘The Selfish Gene’. Richard spends a lot of time on the subject.

      * Since humans can identify ‘in group’, ‘out group’, and since evolution has rewarded this, we got good at it. The way evolution works is that anyone who was not good as survival died more often. So, racism was a ‘successful survival strategy that worked.’. Distasteful you might find it, but if you don’t like it go argue with genetics.

      * Tom’s grouping IS what science came up with. Obviously as humans our ‘in group’, ‘out group’ mind is always going. So we notice not just the difference between black and white, but the difference between someone from Poland, Ireland and a Scandinavian. Likewise in asia. I can easily tell the difference between a Thai and a Khmer(Cambodian). Since we can tell the difference, the question is, do we do anything about it?

      * Whether we like it or not, every human on earth has ‘racist DNA’, as in genes that help us identify ‘in group and out group’ differences. The reason we can recognize this is to take actions that increase our, and our off springs survival. Racial tension arise when that specific factor occurs. I left next to some Egyptians. Lovely people, better than my Australian neighbors. If however the Egyptians were not nice people my ‘racist dna’ would kicks in and recognize threat’s to my ability to successfully raise offspring. The very way we approach in group\out group conflict is also different. We have to live with kin. We kill or drive out the ‘out group’. History is where you should look if you disagree.

      Dre, or anyone who reads this who shares his views:

      * Average IQ of sub Saharan Africa is well known. Go to Wikipedia or anywhere on the internet to do this : https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0160289609001275 for example. 68 as a median seems to be the weighted midpoint.

      * Under psychologies historical standards, IQ’s below 70 is considered to be mental retardation as compared to the baseline, which was established by Caucasians. Since then, the words used to describe the levels have changed a dozen times, however people who are mentally damaged (car accidents, etc) Africans and south Americans all share an unfortunate average in this space. Nobody made this the case. Education does play some part, but as the twins study shows, we’re not going to exceed our genetic potential.

      * This is set in stone at genetic fertilization and cell division commences. Education can only help a person reach their genetic potential and many statistics exist. White women have a tighter average. They are mostly clustered around 100. This means you get fewer females who can enter Mensa, but also fewer females would be classified as dull or mentally retarded. Males are genetically more varied, so have a wider bell curve. So, you get more geniuses, and more dullards. Black populations have an unusual curve, probably attributable to poor education, but possibly due to genetic reasons. They as mentioned are clustered around 70 in Africa, but throw off the occasional genus. Their curve is even wider than that of white males. Neil Degrasse Tyson is possibly a good example, but again, genetic mixing has a unknown effect here.

      Dre, before you get high and mighty please consider some basic facts. You are speaking in English, an Anglo Saxon language, on a computer, white design, probably of Asian manufacture. Your electricity is going to be from a power plant whites designed. Your system or reason and logic was obtained in an education system that whites created. On and on the list goes. If you want to be proud and look down your nose at others on the internet I would start by moving to Africa, and with African know how and African staff, start a semiconductor plant, refine rare earth metals, build computers and come back to us and say ‘see’ we did it all without you white people, with your white math, white language and white idea’s. OR, you could do what almost everyone else is doing. Just get on with your own life, and stop being the one who starts with racism only to play the victim when reality comes down on you.

  11. Zach:

    I came across your article today and thought I’d respond. I am a regular guy who visited Mt Shasta in July – August this past summer. I was as skeptical as anyone – until I was invited inside to see Telos for myself. Do what you wish with the information but I saw for myself that it exists and soon they will make themselves known to the rest of the surface humans

    Lowell Johnson

  12. Wow, people still believe this stuff? We know there was no giant continent in the middle of the ocean back then or any time since – that’s not how plate tectonics work: continents don’t just sink beneath the waves without a trace. And 4.5 million years ago there WERE no civilizations – the most advanced (to our eyes) primates of the time were Australopithecines. This sort of thing was more believable in the 19th century, but now it’s just crazypants to believe that sort of thing, since it’s been effectively disproved.

      1. Pretty obviously, seashells on mountaintops isn’t a part of vanished “without a trace.” If there had been an enormous continent in that part of the ocean 4.5 million years ago, oceanographers would have found evidence for it.

  13. Good Lord, why are these horrific comments allowed to remain? Ruined a great exploration of Mt Shasta mythology.

  14. But Albion Caucasoids all have Neanderthal Ape DNA. While the so called Black people are all 100% The Root Race of Civilization are all 100% We are the LeMuRiAns. DNA is Cosmic Irrefutable Erudite evidence. All other people have Neanderthals. They were Science Lab Test aka the Great Experiment, to make a Bouquet of a Mankind with primates of different species and then those primates were combined to start the process then our Elders used our DNA to make all of the other peoples that we all see.

    DNA does Not Lie but these Albion Occidental Hybrid Neanderthals do.

    Ruffly 10,000 years there was Only 1 Type of 100% Human and they were All Dark.

    Say what you think you say if you arent 100% of the Lemurian/Amoagian Stock you aren’t Human!! At best Humanoid.

    Also 7 generations Albion Occidental Hybrid Europeans to they’re own stock go into Regression back to your Primate Neanderthal forebears and they become Sterile and have what is termed a Sad Womb.

    We make you all Human.

    Also the Father Race of the Lemurians were the Amoagian. The Atlanteans were a tribe of Lemurians and most don’t even know the Original tribe name of them!!???

    I laugh at these other people who Lay Claim on our Blood Right and Inheritance of our History of Millions of Millenia.

    Yes I am a Moor and LeMuRia was called the Land of the Muurs,Maurs,Moors.

    Of you are not 100% Human and have our DNA you are the result of an Experiment of the Lemurian Scientist named Yakub Caucasus Cushitus Israel.

    His Lab was in Central and South America.

    All Scholars and Albion European Shriners/Masons of all Fraternities know this. The masses get Lies while the Scholars and Masons get Earth and Cosmic Science aka Moorish Science.

    That is why the Albion Occidental Hybrid Europeans who are Mothers Sons aka Masons wear our Lemurian Moorish Fez.

  15. I googled Lumerians and came to this article. I was reading Seth Speaks channeled through Jane Roberts. The non physical Conciousness that channels through Jane had very interesting things to say about the Lumerians, way before Adam and Eve, so the race thing is not really an issue here. FYI I have never heard about the Lumerians until this book.

  16. Are we going to ignore The Moors ruling Europe & Spain for 800 years? Stop with western elementary education, read a book.

  17. @ K Anderson, you speak half truth, we do know because the Bible is clear about Jesus’s appearance, we know feet like burnt brass and hair like sheep’s wool, aren’t nor ever been Caucasian traits. If you speak truth and quote scripture, make sure you speak the entire truth Brother. Be blessed and the meaning of your dream is also in the Bible.

    Rev 1:14-15, Daniel 7:9

    Also to all of you caucasians that are upset over the truth of your history and calling it “hate” and “anger”, please educate yourself, every land or race Caucasians conquered has always been with deception, theft, and murder. These are not Christian values nor are they of God but of Satan. Any country founded with these such actions will never have peace because you defiled the land with innocent blood of the people you so called conquered. And that blood calls out to God every day!!! Will he not avenge them? My Bible says he will (I think you all are calling it Climate Change 🤦🏾‍♀️) This land is drenched in Indian and African blood sanctioned by the people in power, caucasian Americans. And FYI – a corrupt government (no matter what politics they belong to) will never produce just laws. Help make it right or be judged as part-takers.

    1. Sorry dude there were a race of white- red and blonde haired giants in the Americas long before the red Indians, they were all 7 feet and over. The Smithsonian has destroyed many of their skeletons and suppressed archaeologist and their findings just here in America. There were white blond haired people in South America and the Canary Islands long before the arrival of the Spanish. Now to sound like all you gutter mouthed idiots, why are you looking into high spiritual subjects, when you cannot even rise up out of your base emotions and hatreds?? Enlightened attitudes, reveal enlightened truths.

  18. You know your pineal gland is calcified don’t come thinking you’re staying facts when u never researched the bullsjit regurgitated bullshit. 3 types of melanin 1. Eumelanin 2. Neuromelanin 3. Pheomelanin animal lol you were in the golden age the sun is tearing ya up lol

  19. Wow I’m white blonde hair blue eyes albino high cheekbones strong chin and yes I can tan so wtf race am I… I’m a human being … born and raised in south ga…home oh kkk raciest and everything else yet I have yet to notice or see color all I see is humans going there same struggles… I’ve been all over this nation from ga to Niagara va to Colorado every where in between…have u been to Hoover damn explain it have u looked out over Grand Canyon felt it for what it was have u been to Moab Utah have u been in mts 14000 feet up seen da Milky Way… totally different from looking from your back yard…. Bible basic instructions before leaving earth… heaven and hell exist you can experience it in life as well as death…
    The lesser key of Solomon ,the gareta book of the dead epic of Gilgamesh oldest book known to man… all real yet blinded by the thing u arguing on has become a distraction he who eats from the tree shall be cast out garden… y I will look like a dumbass to most of u cause unlike u I ate from the tree I know Solomon was real just like Noah… if u believe Jesus was white u dumb as fuck… I’m guessing u tell your kids bunnies lay eggs and he gives them out for Easter….. u have to disconnect to reconnect and way it going it’s harder n harder to disconnect so stay on ig fb twitter let it drain your energy your chi…. U are energy what drain energy everything man made or should I say white man made…just like school it’s a white mans lie game…y u have to disconnect need I mention the new generation one two three year olds can play on tablet or phone yet can’t even walk while they ass or even form a sentence y cause u have no time to teach cause u tick Tok an fb live how fucked up ya life is
    U choose to consume be a glutton be Lazey want what they show u knowing u don’t need it it’s u seven deadly sins real so please disconnect to reconnect then maybe we can talk but as long as they control your energy you will always be stuck in da same loop….

  20. He is 100% correct in these assumptions! My very first Earth Incarnation was on “MU” AKA Lemuria, with the help of my Ancestors Guides and the Late Great Dolores Cannon I uncovered this lifetime in its entirety back in 2016! We did indeed create Thelos deep inside a pocket of Quartz Crystal up under Mt Shasta our at the time functioning Super Volcano! After our Subterranean Metropolis was finished pushed large block of some kind of mineral into the mother of MU to cause her the Erupt and Seemingly Destroy all evidence of our Home and our civilization in hopes that the Atlantians would assume the worst and never look much into it! With it being said that we (Lemurians) evolved from Unconditional Love and they (Ancient Atlantians) were evolved from Greed it was safe to say it worked! Idk if this is what the living on 2 Planes of Existence book speaks of. But yes it it true! This was …. think of it as 2 controlled blind studies, they are both givin a prime piece of land in the middle of there prospective Oceans. Givin the cutting edge of Energetic Technology and told to create to the hearts content! The only difference is the one group was formed of the Divine Spark of the Infinte Creator, the other group was formed if the lack there of, Dark Matter! AKA Evil, Greed, Narcissistic Control Dramas the whole shebang! And it was from the original spark or lack there of that they would use to power there creations and / or experiments in the case of the Atlantians. This is why they evolved in such completely different directions! The Lemurians were and still are one of the most Helpful and all and all Kind Ancient Civilizations that have ever existed on Earth! As far as the Atlantians also sometimes called the Babylonians. Well well well, they not only imploded there own continent, then there new home (Babylonia) but have consistently corrupted, disadvantaged and Destroyed everything within there grasp since there creation still up until today!

    So what has this taught us? God Created the Darkness so that (The Light) could see just how amazing it is! For without contrast the encompassing of depth if the subject matter lacks.

    And th we darkness is very very bad! This is why Earth has been in quarantine since the beginning of said little experiment! We couldn’t have this “Dis-ease” reaching out unto the depths of the Multi-Verse! No No! It must be contained! Truth be told we own the War a few years back. Now we all just have to wake up and unplug from the Augmented Reality Matrix just like N’xeo!

    {Deep inside your body is the Temple of Divine!!!}

    Meet me there,
    I AM Waiting🐇

    I am your Chosen One saying “Wake Up Neo! You must Follow me the White Rabbit!” “Hurry Hurry we must not be late, for a very important date! Mustant be late! Mustant be late! For our very important date! We are having a Tea Party with the Divine!”

  21. I am on this page because I googled “why are people in Shasta so dumb.” Thank you, Ben Toliver, for taking the cake and showing the world the epitome of ignorance. I would wager that you’re from, or you were raised in, Shasta. This place sucks.

  22. Hi my name is Brian Scott im a believer in Lemurians and feel im connected to them. Im American and Choctaw. Tell me more about them please sir?

  23. Open your eyes and even deeper, open your heart. If you truly do , you will see how incredible and super intelligence, creativity, and beautiful ly everything that lives and breathes has been made.
    Step outside that box that limits your ability to see, feel, and be amazed at all the wonderful creations and life forms there are.
    There is definitely way more to it than any “big bang”!
    Also if humans did not have boundaries there’s no telling how ugly we could be. The Word of GOD was given to us to set the parameters of boundaries. It’s a horrible thing that too many have used it not in love but to cover their wickedness.

  24. Sorry to inform you people but as souls with many life times we all come in as different races and colors before our journey is through. I can guarantee you though, if you hate a particular race in your currant life, that is who you will become in the next.

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  66. But yet most of the cases of mass shootings resulting in death are done by people who consider themselves white. I suggest you check your family history to see which of your relatives dropped you on your head as an infant.

  67. The people screaming racist are always the most racist. I alway suggest that people research who actually owned the slave ships.

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  81. This is the funniest thing I have read in awhile, and also quite sad. Hopefully one day you can look back on this post and be utterly devastated in embarrassment for making a complete racist fool of yourself. Maybe read up on some history, no – not history written by glorified white people – to gain sharper perspective. I hope you find enough love in yourself to step outside your comfort zone and find truth beyond this narrow self serving hate filled view of melanated peoples.

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  87. They have to be some color.I’d be fine whatever they were. Did you ever notice when racist person goes looking for racism, they find it in everything.

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  93. It was a painting done by a St. Germain (I Am) believer of what they saw as a Lamurian. Calling the author a bigot is as crazy as believing there is a city of gold inside Mt. Shasta. The hateful posts on this thread just makes me sad. How about we love each other because we are ALL one race….human. The Telos movement is about healing and love. Sounds like more ppl need to get on board.

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  96. I think ancient people being Black/dark skinned is the most probable thing because of region. I also think it’s probable because white explorers talk about finding Black people all over the world. Black people don’t wanna admit that they are so far removed from the “black excellence” being toted and White people won’t wanna admit that they have an issue with the idea that the superheroes and super lands of old were also Black. Nobody wants a superman that doesnt look that them. We are watching humans, human. Feelings don’t change facts though. Race IS important But we shouldn’t all HAVE to be the same to value each other. It’s a shame this article is being eclipsed by the err of human pride. Very good article

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  99. Hi Lemuria here. Was about to invite you surface dwellers down but now we are thinking we just might keep that door locked for bit. Good luck and hope you are a strong swimmer…oh and that you don’t mind it raining molten glass. I’m sure you will all be fine being or the right colors, religions, and iqs. Don’t call us, we’ll call you! 🙂

    1. oops! I meant “of” not “or”…oh, well. You are probably busy with the whole no food thing. Peace out!

    2. Oh this is just too good! Yep, humanity (humans) behave at an alltime low and lemurians don’t have time for this. Put a big smile on my face!

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  101. This article reminded me of an encounter I had. Not sure if it means anything and I don’t remember his name, but in 1995 or 96 me and an old roommate was headed to a reggae concert at college of the siskiyous . Was driving by the Mt Shasta exit and a guy in a long white robe with a white beanie on was walking north along I-5. We stopped asked him if he wanted a ride. He said he wasn’t going anywhere so we asked if he wanted to go to a reggae concert lol. He was like well ok. He was super kind and gentle. Driving to the theater the guy told us he was on the mountain the last couple weeks. We said like bunnyflat or avalanche gulch ?? He said higher, the top. I said and you walked down (I looked at his shoes, he was wearing vans?!) He said then I met you guys lol. We parked and went to the concert and the guy hung out with us, danced a bit and we had a blast. He was pretty tall with a white robe, totally stood out in the crowd, was a head taller then everyone else. We all went to the diner afterwards and the guy asked to be dropped off on the highway after we ate. So we dropped him off where we picked him up, said thanks for joining us and take care.

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  107. Your calling must be lower learning instructor who got lost in a comment section. But thanks for sharing your babble opinions that you practiced with kid sister and brother.

  108. So true. For people who are interested in the lemurians, people of superior intelligence and believers in equality, a lot of people demonstrate just how much they have digressed with hateful comments of different races. Maybe an attitude adjustment is in order.

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  110. Indeed. I have become suspicious of this race ideology and that they may have been the root cause of white supremacy and they still live among our current civilization… preaty much all I find about Lemurians is racist…

  111. This is pure white supremacy – Nazi mentality, the cancer that has been spreading in our planet for the last few hundred years… killing their own cultural root, exploiting the land and ancestors was not enough… orphans to the earth, knowing that their own ancestors killed their elders, raped their own women, and destroyed their ancestral wisdom… now they have no idea where they come from, the youngest civilization on earth, yet their orphan pain leads them to feel superior and project their own flaws on other cultures… can’t even explained how ancient civilization built their advanced cities, but feel so elevated for crediting themselves the invention of the wheel… toddler playing adults… the list spiritually evolved race in humanity…

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