Don’t Doom the Bloom: How to Responsibly See the Rare Wildflower Super Bloom at Folsom Lake

With Folsom Lake sitting at a paltry 36 percent of storage, a wildflower super bloom has taken over where there is typically water. This rare event has brought visitors from all over Northern California. With added visitors comes added problems, including many people trampling the beautiful wildflowers as the search for those perfect Instagram photos.

Don’t doom the bloom! Here’s how to responsibly visit the wildflower bloom without ruining it for everyone else:

Park Responsibly

The parking lots are filling up quickly throughout the day, with people desperate to see the flowers parking illegally at Beek’s Bight. California State Park officials are staying vigilant with ticketing people who park illegally in the area. On top of Beek’s Bight, you can also see the bloom by parking at Rattlesnake Bar and the Old Salmon Falls Assembly Area.

Stay on the Trail

The biggest problem with added visitors to the super bloom is that people don’t stay on the designated trails, trampling the flowers and ruining the scene for future visitors. Be sure to enjoy the flowers from the trail, including keeping you dog on a leash!

Pay the Fee

During extra visitation numbers, California State Parks must add resources to be sure the park is being enjoyed responsibly by all. Be sure to pay your $12 fee as you enter the park. It pays for all the great resources afforded to us and this outdoor destinations.

Don’t Pick the Wildflowers

This should go without saying. Wildflowers are a crucial part of the ecosystem. Picking them can harm the environment and ruin the views for everyone else. We know they’d look great on your dinner table, but refrain from picking these beautiful flowers.

Enjoy the super bloom and tag #activenorcal on all your social media posts! Here are the best photos from the rare super bloom at Folsom Lake.

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