Everyone is Fawning Over Milton – Squaw Valley’s Newest Ski Patrol Dog

Many resorts in Northern California have a team of ski patrol dogs who are highly trained to find and rescue people in the rare case of an inbound avalanche. The dogs use their speed, agility and sense of smell to find and rescue people buried in snow faster than any team of humans. In fact, it is said that one dog and its handler can do the job of 150 trained human searchers in the same amount of time.

Just like humans, ski patrol dogs have a beginning and end to their careers. Sometimes, an older dog is retired from service on the mountain. And sometimes, a young pup is brought in to begin training for a life on the mountain.

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows just welcomed Milton, their brand-new ski patrol dog in training, and let’s just say, he’s a magnificent specimen. He has started his training with professional handlers and it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

When the San Jose puppy made it to the mountain, they asked their social media followers to help name him.

After a ton of suggestions came in, they decided he would forever be know as Milton.

Now, he has started training with his fellow ski patrol dogs.

And he’s even getting used to the terrain park.

Welcome Milton to the family of heroic dogs who spend their lives on the mountain training to spring into action in case of emergency. Heck, he may just save your life one day.

Learn more about the ski patrol dogs of Northern California

If you’d like to support these heroic canines, new Patrol dog stuffed animals are available for sale at Estelle Sports at Alpine Meadows and Squaw One Logo Company at Squaw Valley. All proceeds benefit our Ski Patrol Dogs.

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