Expectations vs Reality: Yosemite’s Firefall Packed with Crowds of Visitors

Photo by Katie Rodriguez

The world-famous Firefall natural phenomenon at Yosemite National Park has become a popular event. Due to stunning photos shared online and growing crowds descending on the park for the annual event, park officials have even enacted sweeping restrictions and day pass regulations to limit the crowds. According to one video, that hasn’t helped from crowds swarming the event.

With the Firefall in full swing in Yosemite, one photography captured video of the insane crowds there for the annual natural phenomenon and it’s a much different experience than you see in the photos:


Firefall at Yosemite expectation vs. reality ##yosemite

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The Firefall phenomenon usually appears for about two weeks near the end of February and can cause quite the tourist trap for people looking for the rare view. In 2020, Yosemite National Park officials created new guidelines and closed down certain areas of the park to accommodate the growing number of onlookers and photographers coming to see the event.

In 2020, a similar crowd was in the area, although it was much before the Covid pandemic:


As the event grows in popularity, it seems that the crowds are likely to stay during the annual natural phenomenon. Visit at your own risk.

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