Famed Camp Fire Muralist Brings His Hauntingly Beautiful Art to Greenville

When the Camp Fire burned through the town of Paradise in 2018, muralist Shane Grammer decided to bring his art to the ruins. The result was a stunning series of murals seen throughout the ruins of burned homes and buildings in the town. Now, Grammer has returned to Northern California to bring his hauntingly beautiful murals to the ruins of Greenville, California, which was recently burned in the Dixie Fire.

Detailed depictions of faces are typically seen in Grammer’s murals, which create ominous works of art in an otherwise depressing area of burnt destruction. The muralist typically displays his art in the streets of Los Angeles, but has recently been know to beautify the devastated areas of NorCal.

Here is a preview of his art seen in Greenville, which includes a woman’s face in a burnt building and Jesus on a burnt church:

“The Dixie Fire ravaged many lives, many homes and community gathering places,” wrote Grammer about his depiction of Jesus. “The Greenville Southern Baptist Church on Wolf Creek Rd suffered a great loss as well. Only a chimney remains that now stands as single reminder of what once was a gathering place. It spoke to me of suffering, of resilience and finally of hope and that’s why I chose to paint an image of the suffering Savior. His gaze reminds me that even though life can be excruciating, there can be hope on the other side.”

The murals of Grammer became popular following his work on the devastated areas of the Camp Fire, which inspired him to launch the Hope Through Art Foundation. The non-profit is devoted to public awareness of social issues, and educating young artist.

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