Family of Coyotes Settles in Sacramento’s Busy Midtown Neighborhood

Although San Francisco has received much of the attention regarding its increased coyote activity during the Covid-19 quarantine, Sacramento has quietly seen an uptick as well. In fact, the coyotes have become so comfortable in the state’s capital city, one family even settled into its bustling midtown neighborhood.

Midtown residents have been shocked and sometimes nervous as coyote sightings had increased during California’s shelter-in-place mandate. But as more people began to leave their homes, they noticed a mom and her two pups were actually living under a mound of dirt on 23rd and Capitol Avenue.

Photos and videos have surfaced online showing the coyotes brazenly dodging traffic and wandering the sidewalks in the middle of the busy neighborhood. Some nearby residents are nervous, especially any cat or dog owners, since coyotes sometimes act aggressively towards house pets.

According to the city’s animal control, the coyotes are urban in nature and are currently living in their natural habitat. But with the near constant vehicle and foot traffic in the area, they admit the coyotes should relocate.

The sidewalk near the coyote’s home is currently blocked off to give them room, and city officials are in talks with fish and wildlife to remove the family from the busy area. It’s illegal to move a coyote without state approval.

As the human population mostly stayed inside during the Coronavirus quarantine, wildlife throughout Northern California took to the popular outdoor destinations and otherwise busy streets for a proverbial stretching of the legs. As the quarantine loosens and humans increase their activity outdoors, somethings gotta give.

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