Famous Film of Bigfoot Walking Through Northern California Has Been Enhanced by AI

Bigfoot continues to be a prominent legend and enigma in the United States. The countless sightings and ongoing stream of purported evidence for Sasquatch’s existence have captivated the global imagination. Despite the extensive and complex evidence surrounding Bigfoot, a single 50-year-old video from Northern California has managed to sustain the fascination for decades.

The Patterson-Gimlin film, one of the most famous pieces of footage related to Bigfoot, features a figure walking through the Six Rivers National Forest and briefly glancing at the camera. Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin recorded the footage, stating that on October 20, 1967, they encountered the hairy creature near Bluff Creek. They claimed to have chased the figure before capturing it on film, with the figure turning back to look at the camera at one point.

Now, with the use of artificial intelligence, the film has been enhanced and stabilized. Take a look:

The scientific community largely dismisses the footage as a hoax, but it remains popular among Bigfoot enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists. When the film is stabilized, it raises questions about its authenticity, as the figure appears almost indistinguishable from a person wearing an ape-like costume and walking along without the camera shake.

Furious debate has put Bigfoot enthusiasts, video analysts and scientists in the mix to decide whether this is the best evidence of the elusive creature. Although Patterson died in 1972, Gimlin maintains the film’s authenticity to this day, even in the face of naysayers. In fact, one Willow Creek local came forward years ago to admit he was in fact the person in the Bigfoot suit. There’s no evidence to corroborate the man’s story.

The area in Humboldt County now features the Bigfoot museum along with a destination for experts and enthusiasts to go in search of the legendary beast in the NorCal forest. It’s the preeminent area to find Bigfoot in America. No matter the footprint, photo or forensic evidence found along the way, this crude video shot in Northern California has kept the Bigfoot movement alive for the past 50 years. And there’s no sign it’s slowing down.

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