Mountain Fire Growth Slows, Containment Moves to 40 Percent with 600 Acres Burned

Update 8:30 am:

While the feelings on Thursday afternoon had Redding residents panicked amidst a fast-growing Mountain Fire in the Jones Valley area, Thursday night and Friday morning saw significant improvement on the situation. Firefighters were able to limit the growth of the fire to just 600 acres while improving containment to 40 percent.

Evacuation orders remain in place in the following areas:

  • Bear Mountain Road from Christian Way to Dry Creek Road
  • Squaw Grass Trail at Dry Creek Road
  • Elk Trail West at Dry Creek Road
  • Northbound Intermountain Road and westbound Alice Lane

The response to the fire was swift on Thursday, with CalFire deploying 580 firefighters, 50 engines, 4 helicopters, 6 dozers and 4 water tenders. It was a mostly positive outcome for a community that was ravaged by wildfire in 2018.

Although one structure was destroyed and the Shasta College campus remained evacuated, many previously evacuations have been lifter, allowing residents to return to their homes and check on their pets.

Here is the original story from Thursday evening:

Updated 5 pm:

The Shasta County Sheriff has provided an update on the fast-moving Mountain Fire in the Jones Valley area of Redding, which currently still sits at 600 acres (some estimates have it at more). There are currently 1,100 homes that are threatened by the fire, with nearly 4,000 people on evacuation order in the area.

While the fire broke out around 11 am on Thursday, residents are reeling to get back to their homes to check on their animals.

With the fast-moving nature of the fire, it’s difficult to truly assess just how big the fire currently is. But we do know that at least one house has been destroyed:

Firefighters are working hard to temper the flames with high heat and low humidity. As with any fire, the movement is at the mercy of the winds.

Below is all of the road closure and evacuation information:

Update 3:30 pm:

Photo: CalFire

A fire broke out in Redding’s Jones Valley area around 11 am on Thursday morning and has since ballooned to 600 acres, forcing evacuations, closing major roadways and destroying structures at a fast pace. The fire has forced residents to flee their homes and has even caused the full evacuation of Shasta College. There is currently no containment on the fire.

The fire has destroyed some structures in the area, but due to its fast-moving nature, the full damage of the flames is still unknown. A evacuation center has been set up at Crosspointe Community Church and livestock can be taken to the Redding Rodeo Grounds.

Evacuations are currently in place in the following areas:

  • Shasta College
  • Dry Creek Road
  • Jones Valley Road
  • Elk Trail East
  • Elf Trail West
  • Christian Way
  • Driftwood Trail
  • High View Trail
  • Scotts Trail
  • Creek Trail and Ravine Road
  • Marty Lane
  • Marty Road west of Bear Mountain Road
  • Area between Creek Trail and Old Oregon Trail

Here is a current list of the road closures in the area:

  • Hwy 299 closed at Dry Creek
  • All roads that intersect on south side of Bear Mountain Rd
  • Creek Trail to Old Oregon and all roads that intersect
  • Driftwood
  • Dry Creek
  • Elk Trail East
  • Elk Trail West
  • High View
  • Hwy 299 East at Old Oregon Trail
  • Hwy 299 West at Deschutes Rd.
  • Jones Valley
  • Old Oregon Trail Northbound
  • Ravine Rd
  • Scotts Trail W of Bear Mountain
  • South side of Bear Mountain Rd. to Old Oregon Trail
  • Squaw Grass Trail
  • Wildwood Lane

We will continue to update the situation as more information is available.

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