Fisherman Lands Nearly 4-Foot Striped Bass on the Sacramento River

Striped bass fishing is a popular activity on the Sacramento River, with fishing enthusiasts showing off a lot of big catches on social media. One recent catch stood out as one of the biggest striper we’ve seen in a while measuring in at nearly 4 feet long.

Instagram user @fourxquad posted a photo of his recent catch which shows a striper weighing in at 31 pounds and measuring 41 inches long. He released the impressive back in the water and shared this photo of his beautiful catch:

“After non stop grinding and beating up the river finally caught A monster striper,” he wrote on Instagram. “She was one hell of a fight, she weighed in at 30lbs and was 41” long.. She was released back to the water fisty as all hell..”

Striper season typcially runs from April to July in Northern California, with the big, feisty fish being caught on the Sac and Feather rivers. These strong fish will test your stamina with a good fight and a heavy lift out of the water. It’s ceratinly one of the great fishing experiences in NorCal.

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