Fisherman Lands Rare 50-Pound Striped Bass on the Sacramento River

Photo: Mike Rasmussen

Fishing on the Sacramento River never ceases to amaze. From the monster salmon to the wild rainbow trout and prehistoric sturgeon, there’s always something to catch in Northern California’s biggest fishery. One fisherman recently learned that the striped bass in the river can also give you one heck of a catch.

Fishing guide Mike Rasmussen helped his client Jess Sustacha land a 50-pound striped bass on the Sac recently. It was a fish rarely seen in NorCal.

“They don’t come much bigger then this girl here on the West Coast,” wrote Rasmussen on Instagram. The fish was caught using a G-Ratt bone colored, pistol pete bait. Watch them land the fish:

Great catch! Of course, this is far from the first time we’ve seen Rasmussen and crew land a beast like this in NorCal. Check out our trip with him fishing for king salmon:

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