Forecast: A Week of Rain, Snow and Thunderstorms in Northern California

As 2019 hits the first day of April, dreams of flower blooms and spring hikes fill the mind. But Mother Nature has a different idea.

The beginning of April brings with it more storms to Northern California, with rain and snow dominating the weather patterns for the first week of the month. The first storm will hit on Monday, bringing up to six inches of snow in the mountains. The second storm, expected for Wednesday, will bring more snow for up to four days.

Although snow will hit the top of the mountains, the first storm is going to be warm. Snow levels will only get down to 7,000 feet on Tuesday, bringing high-elevation rain and the possibility of melting snow and flooding.

Forecast models are still developing for the late-week storm, but initial forecasts shoe it will be a warm storm as well.

Thunderstorms are also in the forecast, especially early this week. The National Weather Service has set thunderstorms as a possibility in nearly every inch of Northern California:

The storms are expected to last until Sunday, but that might not be the end of it. Smaller storms are expected to enter into the area in the second week of April as well, but it’s still too early to tell how much precipitation will fall.

While we’ve experienced an incredible winter that singlehandedly brought California out of a 6-year drought. And it looks like Mother Nature’s not quite finished yet.

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