Greyhound Driver Abandons Bus Near Snowy Donner Summit, Causing I-80 Closure

The snow finally began falling in the Sierra this week, a far cry from the historically dry January through March. With very little precipitation for most of the winter, it seems like many people forgot how to act in the snow. Or maybe they never knew in the first place…

A greyhound driver took the extraordinary action of abandoning their bus on Interstate 80 just west of Donner Lake in the pounding snow on Thursday. The incident flabbergasted California Highway Patrol officers and forced a closure of I-80 westbound in Truckee.

CHP shared a video of the bus on their popular (and usually hilarious) Instagram page:

@greyhoundlines want to come pick up your bus that your driver abandoned on I-80 westbound, west of Donner Lake???” wrote CHP Truckee on Instagram. “Just in case anyone was wondering why 80 westbound was shut down in Truckee!!! Everyone say thank you.”

The snowfall near Donner has made people do crazy things throughout history, hence why it’s named after cannibals, but this is just ridiculous. We’ve got a few questions: Did the driver check the weather report or think twice after rolling through chain control? Isn’t it part of the job as a bus driver to be able to maneuver through inclement weather? But most importantly, where the heck did the driver go?

It’s a funny story that relays the crazy stuff seen over Donner Summit during a storm, but this probably cause some serious traffic delays yesterday. Cue the face palm.

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  1. I was stuck in this traffic for 3.5 hours yesterday night just to get turned around and not make it to Grass Valley. How frustrating. Maybe some free bus tickets are in order for us (the affected). ?

  2. Have they verified the bus wasn’t stolen, hijacked, etc? Investigated for driver’s mental state and possible self harm? Should be easy to determine bus driver, route, passengers, and itinerary from Greyhound records. Could be a dark reason for a bus left idling in the middle of nowhere.

    1. I’ve seen that happen before years ago when a driver left his bus on the freeway after being stopped for speeding and cited. He said he was tired of dispatch requiring him to speed to keep schedumle.

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