Guys Build a Huge Ropeswing on Shasta Lake’s Lakehead Bridge

We’ve documented the daring exploits of Justin Jenny and friends, which typically include some awesome cliff jumping. But now they’ve taken it up a notch.

When Lake Shasta is low, the Lakehead Bridge can make for a cool spot to jump into the water. Right now, the water level at the lake is pretty high, but a couple years ago when the water was low, these guys built some awesome rope swings to do some death defying leaps into the lake.

Check it out:

Shasta Lakehead Ropeswing from Justin Jenny on Vimeo.

Woah… Not only was it amazing to see them pull off those intricate rope swings from below the bridge, but also the ability to throw some cool flips from said swing. Well done!

Check out Justin Jenny’s other cliff jumping exploits:

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