Here’s the Secret to Snagging Northern California’s Most Popular Campsites

Camping in Northern California can be a challenging task as the high demand for state park campsites often results in a lack of availability. With 15,000 campsites scattered across the state, most would assume that booking a site would be a breeze. The reality is that reserving a spot at one of California’s state parks requires planning ahead and the key to landing a campsite is to plan your adventure six months in advance.

The reservation window for campsites and lodging opens at 8 a.m. and can be made exactly six months before the arrival date. To increase your chances of securing a spot, log in to Reserve California about 20 minutes prior to the reservation window opening and enter the name of the campground you wish to visit. Once the reservation window opens, all of the campsites immediately become available. Select your anticipated arrival date(s) and the type of site you wish to book, such as RV/motorhome, tent, trailer, or truck/SUV/van. Click “Show Results,” choose your site, and book.

If the message “There are 0 facilities available based on your search” appears, there are still backup options available. You can click “Next Available Date” to show alternative date options that are available to reserve. Another option is to sign up for notification alerts for specific dates. If someone cancels their reservation, Reserve California will notify you by text message or email, and you can then log in and secure the booking.

The secret to snagging a California campsite is to plan ahead and book six months in advance. Follow the steps outlined by Reserve California and increase your odds of beating fellow campers to the fire. Adventure awaits NorCal campers – start planning your trip today.

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  1. If only people would cancel when they know they have over booked. Not sure how often this occurs but it does happen. We have been to campsites in other states where multiple sites sat empty due to overlooking.

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