Northern California Photographers Rewarded with Brief Northern Lights Show Saturday Night

Following a spectacular display on Friday night, photographers in Northern California were still able to capture the Northern Lights on Saturday, though the show was brief and not as vivid.

While Friday’s display offered vibrant colors and patterns that danced across the night sky, Saturday’s lights were subtler, with softer hues and less intense movement. Despite this, local photographers and enthusiasts ventured out, hoping to catch another glimpse of this celestial phenomenon. Many were rewarded with brief views of faintly glowing skies.

“As soon as I pulled up to Emerald Bay I could see pillars of light dancing across the northern sky,” wrote Abe Blair on Instagram. “I got set up in mere seconds and was able to get a single click of the shutter and then in the blink of an eye the color faded quickly. I stayed set up and waiting for 4 more hours without taking another photo before deciding it was over for the night.”

Here are some of our favorite images from Saturday night:

The Northern Lights are typically visible in polar regions, but a strong solar flare that occurred earlier in the week pushed the lights further south, thrilling observers across Northern California. While the intensity of the aurora often varies, it remains a rare and exciting event for photographers and sky watchers in this region.

For those interested in seeing the best photos from Friday’s display, including some breathtaking images captured by local photographers, see these astounding photos.

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