Here’s What you Can Expect from the Burney Falls Closure in 2024

California State Parks has announced the closure of the main trails to Burney Falls at McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park for critical repairs and improvements. The $835,000 project, set to start on April 1, 2024, depending on the weather, will see the popular Falls Loop Trail and Burney Creek Trail shut down through the summer and likely into the fall season. The closures aim to address the wear and tear on these trails and slopes from heavy foot traffic to the falls and pool areas.

While many Northern California residents are sad they won’t be able to visit the Eighth Wonder of the World this summer, we had questions. Can you still camp at the park? Can you still go see the waterfall from the parking lot? What exactly will be closed?

Let’s dive in…

The park’s campgrounds, including the Rim and Pioneer campgrounds, as well as the Burney Falls General Store, Marina, Visitor Center, and various day-use areas, will remain open. Additional trails such as the Rim Trail, PSEA Trail, Headwaters Trail, and Pioneer Cemetery Trail will also stay accessible for hikers seeking alternative routes within the park. The Fisherman’s Bridge will continue to offer access to park areas, including the Pacific Crest Trail and Headwaters Equestrian Camp, but only from the Falls Overlook.

However, those planning a visit should note the concurrent Caltrans Highway 89 rehabilitation project, which is expected to cause significant traffic congestion, delays, and possible closures near the park’s entrance. This adds an extra layer of planning for visitors aiming to explore the park’s offerings beyond the waterfall and pool area.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what will be closed and what will stay open:

What’s closed?

  • Falls Loop Trail
  • Burney Creek Trail
  • Visitors will have no access to the waterfall or fall’s pool area with limited views from the viewing area at the top of the falls.

What’s open?

  • The remainder of the park will be open for visitors including the Rim and Pioneer campgrounds, Burney Falls General Store, Marina, Visitor Center, and day-use areas.
  • The Rim Trail, PSEA Trail, Headwaters Trail and Pioneer Cemetery Trail will remain open for visitors.
  • The Fisherman’s Bridge will remain open to provide access to and from park via the Pacific Crest Trail, Headwaters Trail Loop, and Headwaters Equestrian Camp only from the Falls Overlook.

California State Parks extends its gratitude to the public for their patience and understanding during these improvements, which are crucial for the preservation and enjoyment of the park’s natural beauty. For ongoing updates and more detailed information on park accessibility, the McArthur Burney Falls Memorial State Parks website will provide the latest news and advisories for visitors.

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