Highway 395 Remains Closed with No Way In or Out of Mammoth Lakes

Highway 395 looks like a barren wasteland. Photo: CalTrans

The storms have dumped on California’s Eastern Sierra mountains this week forcing the closure of Highway 395 in Mono County. There is currently no timetable for the highway’s reopening and there is currently no way in or out of Mammoth Lakes.

The storm brought 80 inches to Mammoth Mountain and the surrounding areas with locals shoveling their way out of the snow. CalTrans is currently working hard to plow Highway 395 but intense winds are making it very difficult. With perfect winter conditions in Mammoth, there’s no way to travel there.

Although winds are intense, the skies are clear in the area today:

As of Sunday morning, Mammoth Mountain is currently in a delayed opening with hopes of running lifts after 10 am. Mammoth locals are likely champing at the bit to hit the slopes with outsiders unable to travel into the region. If the lifts open, it’s sure to be powder day for the ages.

Stay safe, NorCal!

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