Hollywood A-List Actor Spotted in Humboldt. Is He Filming a Bigfoot Movie?

There have been sightings of an A-list Hollywood actor around Humboldt recently, which makes us wonder if he’s on the prowl for a sighting of something much more elusive.

Jesse Eisenberg, who famously portrayed Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, has been spotted around Humboldt over the past couple of weeks. He was even photographed dining in Eureka at Annie’s Cambodian Cuisine:

So what’s the movie star doing in Humboldt? Word has it, he’s filming a Sasquatch movie.

Eisenberg has teamed up with the Zellner Brothers to play Bigfoot in a new film, which means he will be wearing the full costume and grunting on camera. There is a lot of mystery about the film, but he has confirmed he’s currently working on the project.

“The next movie I’m doing is the Zellner Brothers’. They’re just these brilliant directors that I’ve wanted to work with for a long time, and I’m playing a Sasquatch,” he told Variety at the 2022 Sarajevo Film Festival. “In full makeup. In full body hair. No lines — I grunt, but no lines — and I’m so looking forward to this.”

Other than some quotes, there’s no information about the film online. Speculation has Eisenberg’s new film as the prequel to the Zellner Brothers’ short film Sasquatch Birth Journal 2. That film is described by the brothers as a companion piece to “Sasquatch Birth Journal 1,” described by the Zellners as a “yet to be completed twenty-four minute fully-immersive installation on a similar theme.”

The first film is possibly the weirdest piece of cinema you’ll ever see:

So will Eisenberg’s film include him giving birth to a baby Bigfoot? Or maybe he’ll play a younger version of the Sasquatch giving birth in the original Sundance Film Festival short? Whatever is happening, we’re along for the ride. Things could get weird.

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