Insane Drone Footage Shows Fireworks Exploding All Over Sacramento

With many of the Fourth of July fireworks shows cancelled due to the Covid-19 quarantine, there was a huge uptick of rogue fireworks throughout the United States. If you stayed at home during the night of the Fourth, you were likely to hear or see the many fireworks going on throughout neighborhoods. One person took their drone to the sky to show just how many fireworks were over the city of Sacramento.

The drone footage was shared to the YouTube page Connected Fishing that showed fireworks exploding throughout Sacramento. It’s a beautiful sight to see from the sky, but also peculiar since many of the fireworks shown in the video are illegal in California. That didn’t stop people from celebrating Independence Day the only way they know how – with a dazzling display in the sky.

Watch the above video to see fireworks exploding all over Sacramento on the Fourth of July.

The video was reminiscent to one that went viral showing fireworks over Los Angeles. Check that out here:

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