Interstate 80 Closes Near Tahoe Due to Whiteout Conditions

Photo: CalTrans

It was a busy day for CalTrans workers near Tahoe on Thursday as rain turned into snow on Interstate 80 and driving conditions became nearly impossible. With multiple spinouts during the days and increased whiteout conditions near Donner Summit, officials chose to close the popular stretch of highway, most likely through the night.

The move is no surprise since the amount of snowfall on the north side of Tahoe was expected to be intense from Thursday night to Saturday night. Donner Pass is forecast to receive as much as 80 inches of snow over the next 72 hours.

As of 8:00 pm Thursday, there is no timetable for its reopening.

There have been spinouts on I-80, Highway 50 and Highway 267 in the Tahoe area all day. During different points of the day, all three roads have seen closures.

Travel through the area is highly discouraged through Sunday. If you must take any of the Tahoe highways, expect delays, chain controls and closures.

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