Is This a Photo of Bigfoot in the Humboldt Forest? We’ll Let You Be the Judge.

Photos recently published on a Humboldt Bigfoot website show a shape in the trees of the Sequoia Park Zoo (future home of the Redwood Canopy Walk) that sort of the resemble Bigfoot. Is it proof that the legendary beast is living in the North Coast of Northern California? We’ll let you be the judge.

The post to shows a shape of what appears to be Bigfoot on a platform of one of Eureka’s beautiful Sequoia trees. Here’s the excerpt from the website:

More than 50 feet off the forest floor, a platform of some kind was attached to one of the trees. On top of it was an unusual figure or shape.

“Dad, I think I see a Bigfoot,” my son said.

I was skeptical, but don’t have the eyesight he does. So I took a few photographs to examine whatever the thing was. Here is the first photo.

If you look closely, you can see a shape on top of the platform, one of numerous mysterious structures high in the trees in Sequoia Park.

In this second image, which zooms in above the platform, the ambiguous shape comes into somewhat better focus. I don’t know what it us, but it could conceivably be a Bigfoot.

It seems to be looking up to the right, with an arm extended to the right, from the perspective of the viewer, grasping either the tree or a rope perpendicular to the platform. It has perhaps grabbed a cord as well, which looks like it’s dangling around its torso. What could be a face seems to be looking upward to the right. 

If the head shape were interpreted facing another direction, more toward the front, two nodular protrusions could be either mammary glands, crouching kneecaps or maybe an infant.

We walked further along the trail to get a closer look but the hominid shape vanished.

Do you see Bigfoot? Now it’s clear that the platform isn’t some sort of a Bigfoot bachelor pad in the trees, but rather remnants of the Redwood Canopy Walk that is currently under construction in the area. As far as the shape goes, is it Bigfoot or just something else blurred due to the far-away proximity of the platform. We’ll leave that up to you.

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Bigfoot sightings in NorCal are not rare. In fact, Northern California remains the unofficial home of Bigfoot, with the most sightings to date. The National Forest Service even named a remote stretch of California Route 96 as the “Bigfoot Scenic Highway.” There is also a 360-mile trail in NorCal’s vast upper wilderness named the “Bigfoot Trail,” which stretches through the Yolly-Bolly, Trinity Alps, Russian, Marble Mountain and Siskiyou Wildernesses.

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