It Looks Like it’s Snowing in Santa Rosa. It’s Just A LOT of Hail.

Photo by Sonoma County Sheriff

A seemingly innocuous storm rolled into Northern California this week, bringing small amounts of rain and snow to the entire region. While it seemed like a typical storm for most of NorCal, Santa Rosa residents were greeted with a white winter scene in the form of significant hail that gathered on the roads, causing multiple car accidents.

The Santa Rosa Fire Department has been busy today, responding to multiple car crash incidents due to the hail accumulation.

“The Santa Rosa Fire Department continues to respond to multiple crashes including several on Highway 101,” fire officials said in a statement. “Significant hail storms and heavy downpours continue to be reported. Please limit unnecessary travel and slow down.”

The hail had accumulated so much that residents believed it to be snow. The driving conditions were similar to that of snow, hence the reason multiple crashes occurred.

Meanwhile, snow continues to fall on the mountains of NorCal, with snow accumulation causing chain controls over the Sierra. Caltrans is urging drivers to check for chain controls before heading through mountains.

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