Kayakers Go Full Send Off an Overflowing Spillway on the Feather River

Nick Coulter’s at it again, this time trading in his usual cliff jumping shenanigans for an epic kayak trip down an overflowing spillway on the Feather River.

Driving north of Lake Oroville up the Feather River Canyon, Coulter and crew located the unique dam that had a perfect flow for kayaking. While he is known mostly for his cliff jumping, including his documentary Flow State – Into the Mind of a Freestyle Cliff Jumper, Coulter has recently been trying to progress at kayaking.

“Making progress in this relatively new hobby of mine,” said Coulter on Instagram “It’s scary to progress just like cliff jumping, but well worth the patience.”

Here are some more images from his send, which he says took 3 attmepts to complete:

Want to learn more about Nick Coulter? Check out his interview on the Talking NorCal Podcast.

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