It’s Official: This Song is Northern California’s New Anthem

To be quite honest, I’ve wanted to find the perfect anthem for Northern California for a while. There are a lot of great NorCal bands that I love but none of them seem to have a song that perfectly captures the mood of the area. Until now…

I’ve seen The Tahoes play at the Boonville Bear Festival but I didn’t hear them play this song. Hella NorCal is catchy, energetic and funny as hell. It’s also jam-packed with awesome NorCal references like these:

“We’re sippin’ on some vino that we got in Mendocino”

“He lives in Santa Rosa, but nothing rhymes with Santa Rosa”

“We get a little mental when we visit Sacramento”

To put it bluntly – there is no song that represents Northern California like Hella NorCal, so I’m dubbing it our official anthem.

Here’s the bio of the band:

For almost 5 years The Tahoes have traversed Northern California, from San Jose to Mendocino, bringing their unique brand of reggae-rock to hella stoked audiences everywhere. Comprised of former members of The Conspiracy, Biting The Dog, Tin Circus and Fallout, The Tahoes’ fun-filled sets of skanktastic grooves are roughly 70/40 originals/covers. (That’s 110% percent!) They’ve played for huge crowds at the Sonoma County Fair, the Booneville Beer Festival, The Sonoma County Harvest fair and recently opened for national touring artists The Mad Caddies, Fishbone and The Aggrolites. The Tahoes bring the energy with original hits like I Need You, Acorn, Break Out, Sparkle On, 4:20 and the crowd’s favorite anthem, Hella NorCal.

The Tahoes are Glenn Sauber [Lead Vocals], Joshua Bluegreen-Cripps [Trumpet], Darren Thompson [Vocals, Guitar], Joel Gieseker [Bass], & Micah Stoufer [Drums]

Zach O'Brien

Zach O'Brien is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Active NorCal


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