Overhead Video Shows a Closed Feather Falls Bursting with Water

After the North Complex Fire burned through the Feather River Canyon, a complete closure of the area was issued, with the expectation it won’t open until 2024. Part of that closure includes Feather Falls, which sits in a remote area of the canyon and had its overlook destroyed in the fire.

Since a wet winter has the waterfall season bursting throughout Northern California, the KCRA Livecopter made a visit to Feather Falls to see it overflowing. No one else can see it right now. Check it out:

Feather Falls was a popular place for hikers to visit year-round, with a 410-foot waterfall bursting out of the rocks in the Feather River Canyon. Despite Feather Falls’ closure, the waterfall has stayed top of mind due to its cameo in the blockbuster movie Top Gun: Maverick. The film’s final dog fight scene includes many shots of the Feather River Canyon, along with a quick overhead shot of Feather Falls.

In fact, the Active NorCal crew got a firsthand look at the filming of Top Gun: Maverick during our hike to the waterfall. Check it out:

The trail to Feather Falls is expected to reopen in 2024. For more information on the waterfall, go here.

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