Lassen Volcanic National Park Closes Highway for Winter Season

The winter season is upon us, meaning outdoor destinations are altering their operations to deal with snow accumulation in the mountains. For Lassen Volcanic National Park, that means closing its highway to through traffic.

Highway 89 through Lassen allows vehicle traffic to easily access most of the areas of the park. During the depths of winter, snow removal is virtually impossible, forcing National Park officials to close it for the entirety of the snowy season. That closure is currently in effect in Lassen and will last until the snow is completely removed in spring 2023.

Even with the snow accumulation, not all outdoor adventure is lost in Lassen. Visitors can still sled, snowshoe, camp and visit the areas of the winter wonderland, although it’s a little more difficult. Snowy areas are easily accessible at both the north and south entrances of the park, including snowshoe access to Manzanita Lake and Sulphur Works. Before visiting, please check weather and road conditions.

For more information on areas accessible by snowshoe in Lassen Volcanic National Park, go here.

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